Our advice about microchipping your pet

Nobody wants to imagine their beloved pet getting lost or going missing, but unfortunately, it does happen. However, there’s an easy way to ensure sad stories have a happy ending – microchips.

Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all dogs in England to be identifiable with a small microchip, which is inserted under the skin by a simple injection.


This chip holds a number unique to your dog, which can then be read by a universal scanner anywhere in the country. Dog rescue centres, dog wardens and vets scan every stray or unidentified dog brought into their possession. Your details are kept on a central database, resulting in a quick and happy reunion should your dog become lost or involved in an accident.


Dog rescue societies have a legal obligation to keep a stray dog for 7 days after which it can be re-homed or even destroyed. Often it is an impossible task to trace the owner of a dog with no identification. If you are lucky enough to be reunited with your pet after days of searching rescue kennels, you may find your dog has incurred quite substantial kennelling fees which must be paid before the dog is released. This heartache and financial loss could be avoided by simply having your dog microchipped.


Microchips for dogs are quick and easy, and provide a lifetime of peace of mind.

By nature, cats are born wanderers and the Cats Protection charity alone rehomes 75,000 cats each year. Many of these are strays with no identification; the cat has either lost its collar or did not have one in the first place.


Often it is an impossible task to trace the owner. Tens of thousands of owners each year wait in vain for the return of their lost cat. A microchip can ensure that your cat is easily identified.


The chip is placed by a simple injection. Each chip has a unique number which, when your cat is scanned, will be revealed. A quick telephone call to the centralised computer, available 24 hours a day, will result in you being contacted and told of the whereabouts of your cat. Your pet will be returned to your safe care very quickly.


All vets and cat rescue societies such as the Cats Protection and the RSPCA, have microchip scanners and all road traffic accident victims and strays are routinely checked for chips. Ask us about microchipping today to help us to keep you and your cat together.

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